McCarter Picture by microphone

Jeremy McCarter is the co-author of HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Their account of the creation and impact of the celebrated Broadway musical opened as a #1 New York Times bestseller.

McCarter is a writer, producer, and director. Before he created and ran the Public Forum, he was a cultural critic for Newsweek and New York Magazine. He studied history at Harvard and lives in Chicago. His next book, entitled YOUNG RADICALS will be released in June 2017.

McCarter’s essays and backstage profiles in HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION are based in part on his early involvement in the show, which began during the five years he spent on the staff of the Public Theater in New York City. He created and ran The Public Forum, a series of performances and conversations at the esteemed Public Theater that further fueled his fascination with the process of theater and truly understanding the artists who devote their lives to creating it. His access to the beginnings of such a revolutionary musical allow Jeremy to present unprecedented insights to the arc of the show, and Jeremy ably reveals how Miranda and his collaborators created a show about a revolution that is revolutionary in its own right.

YOUNG RADICALS picks up the same themes of HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION, and focuses on the struggle to pursue American ideals during politically tempestuous times. Jeremy tells the story of five brave young people agitating for freedom and the way they were able to maintain their vision of America’s future as the nation barreled towards the start of World War I.