1 unit, P/NP, class number: 30866

Are you a student who wants to earn a unit for listening to Hamilton and participating in On the Same Page this fall? If so, L&S 10 is the course for you. 

Here are the course requirements:

  • Listen to the cast album (ideally repeatedly) over the summer or early fall, and post a response to it on bcourses. (We will provide some prompts before the semester starts.) Your response can take any of a number of forms, from a short essay to a video to a song or a Prezi . . . be creative!
  • Comment (on bcourses) on at least three other students' responses to the cast album.
  • Attend two class meetings on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 in 2 LeConte Hall. The dates for fall 2017 are September 5 and November 28. In order to pass the class you must attend both class meetings, so make sure those Tuesday evenings are clear.
  • Attend at least two qualifying events related to Hamilton (and be sure to sign in at the door), and submit a short response to each on bcourses. Qualifying events include the keynote:

Keynote Event with Jeremy McCarter, 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, August 20, in Haas Pavilion;

There will also be three panel events. Two of them are finalized:

Monday, October 2, 4:00-5:30: "The World Turned Upside Down": American Theater After Hamilton

Wednesday, October 25, 4:00-5:30: Who Owns the Founding? Race, Gender and Immigration in Hamilton

A third event on Hamilton in the White House will be finalized soon.

  • Comment (on bcourses) on at least three other students' event responses.

On the Same Page is designed to welcome you into the intellectual community at Cal. We firmly believe that interacting with faculty--and with other students--around a topic of mutual interest is one of the best ways to ensure the quality of your education. All of the activities required for L&S 10 will be fun and interactive and educational. You will be glad you participated!

Our hope is that participating fully in On the Same Page will be so rewarding that you will continue to seek out enrichment opportunities throughout your undergraduate years at Cal.