Hamilton Resources:

For students interested in the score of Hamilton: the Music Library has ordered two copies of the vocal and piano score, which will be placed on reserve there once they arrive and are bound. 

The lyrics to the musical can be found here and here.

Hamilton Research Guide:

Our partners at the library have created this Hamilton Research Guide.

Historical Perspectives:

"How Hamilton Uses History," by Joanne B. Freeman

Race-Conscious Casting and the Erasure of the Black Past in Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton, by Lyra D. Monteiro

Responses to Monteiro (above) by Annette Gordon-Reed, David Dean, Jason Allen, and Ellen Noonan

More on this debate by Annette Gordon-Reed

An article by our own Ishmael Reed, called "Black Actors Dress Up Like Slave Traders . . .  And It's Not Halloween"

About the Music:

All the Hip-Hop References in Hamilton: A Track-by-Track Guide, by Forrest Wickman

Hamilton Is the Very Model of a Modern Fast-Paced Musical, by Leah Libresco

Videos Featuring Jeremy McCarter:

Hamilton, Hope and Change, Talks at Google

Other Resources: