Restorative ReEntry Panel Discussion 5:00-6:15
RJ practitioners Malachi Scott (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth and the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council) and Rahkii Holman (Community Works/One Family) will present their vision of Restorative Re-entry, which starts before leaving prison, and enhances other post-incarceration programs for housing, employment, education, and substance abuse. As a formerly incarcerated person, Scott will explain how RJ programs led him through the “self-work” needed to navigate the difficult mental and emotional terrain of re-entering, and how he now facilitates these processes for Oakland youth and in communities. Holman will reflect on his experiences as a restorative-reentry intensive case manager, serving parents in the No Violence Alliance (NoVA) program released from San Francisco jails.

Circle for Activists and Allies 6:30-8:00
Malachi and Rahkii will hold space for folks involved in activism and ally-ship around racial justice, criminal justice, policing, Black Lives Matter, critical resistance, prison abolition, reentry and the “prison to school pipeline.” We invite you to join a circle to talk about trauma, harm and needs.

Disrupting cycles of violence is central to the mission of Restorative Justice throughout the world today. “Hurt people hurt people”—this is a core principle for restorative processes. RJ offers a space for people in prison and re-entry to develop empathy and accountability for those who’ve been harmed, while reconciling how by trauma and violence—direct and structural—have been causative factors in their own lives before and during their time behind bars.

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Co-sponsored by On the Same Page, Human Rights of the Incarcerated and the Restorative Justice Committee of Berkeley Law School. 


Monday, September 12, 2016 - 17:00
134 Boalt Hall